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I have plenty of water

For those who have been worried whether I have enough water or not, here is a photo of my current supply. As you can see I am fine!




Water buying hint in Tokyo

My local supermarket is still very short on bottled water and is limiting purchases to one 500 mL bottle. But… the nearby 7/11 seems to have plenty of 500 mL bottles in stock for two days in a row now (no 2 L bottles though) and there is no posted purchase limit.

I didn’t want to seem like a hoarder, so I only bought 3, but if one 7/11 in Tokyo has them others might as well. And they aren’t price gouging either – it’s just the regular price.


Bottled water shortage continues in Tokyo

The bottled water shortage continues in Tokyo.

I swung by the supermarket to see if there was any water.

They had a few 500 ml bottles of Crystal Geyser sparkling lemon, but only let me buy one.

Still, I have enough water supplies for a while.


There’s definitely a bottled water shortage in Tokyo now

Bottled water is definitely in short supply in Tokyo.

Yesterday I couldn’t get any. This morning I went out earlier and after an hour of checking 7 stores in a big loop around my neighborhood I did happen to luck out arriving at one store at the exact time a shipment of exactly one case of water was being delivered, and I was able to get the store limit of one 1.5L bottle of water.

Green tea is going quickly too.


Full blown water buying panic in Tokyo

I’m afraid I’m seeing a full blown buying panic here in Tokyo. After the Tokyo government said the radiation level in Tokyo water exceeded safe limits for infants, water just evaporated from the shelves.

I went out before looking for some just in case this goes on and tried Life Supermarket, the small store near my house, Attack (a middle size supermarket), Maruetsu (supermarket), 7/11, Universal Drug and AM/PM – plus all the vending machines along the way and water is completely sold out.

With my delivery of Crystal Geyser (sparkling water) the other day and 8 x 2L bottles of regular mineral water I’m ok for a while. But this better resolve itself quickly. I was not able to find any mineral water for sale at the big online Rakuten shop either. It’s all sold out.

There is some green tea still to be found, so I might get some of that just in case I run out of water.

AP: Tokyo tap water not safe for infants

This new development is quickly making the rounds here:

TOKYO – Tap water in Tokyo tested two times above the limit for radioactive iodine considered safe for infants, officials said Wednesday amid burgeoning concerns about the safety of food and drink as a nuclear plant in the northeast continued to leak radiation.
Levels of radioactive iodine in tap water at a water treatment center in downtown Tokyo measured 210 becquerels per liter of iodine-131 — more than twice the recommended limit of 100 becquerels per liter for infants, officials from the Tokyo Water Bureau said at a news conference.
Infants are extremely vulnerable to radioactive iodine, which can cause thyroid cancer, experts say. The level found in Tokyo tap water does not pose an immediate health risk to adults, officials said.
“We advise against using the tap water for drinking and for making infant formula for babies under 1 year old,” said Shintaro Ishihara, Tokyo’s governor.
The unsettling new development affecting Japan’s largest city, home to some 13 million in the city center and 39 million residents in the great Tokyo area, comes as nuclear officials struggle to stabilize the damaged power plant in Fukushima to the northeast.

Loads of mineral water arrived

I’m happy to report that express deliveries seem to be up and running fine here in Tokyo. Just now the doorbell rang and 48 bottles of Crystal Geyser mineral water I ordered just a few days ago arrived. So I’m practically swimming in mineral water here.


What is a reasonably cautious approach to Tokyo tap water?

What do you think a reasonably cautious approach to Tokyo tap water is? 

The level of radiation in 1 liter is apparently equivalent to 1/26th of a chest x-ray. 

Since I drink 2 liters of water a day it seems reasonable to not drink Tokyo tap water. I drink bottled water anyway, so that doesn’t matter. 

But what about other uses of tap water: washing dishes, brushing teeth, showering, boiling eggs (not that there are any eggs to boil). I can’t substitute bottled water for those because bottled water is in short supply and I need to reserve it for drinking. What are other peoples’ thoughts?


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