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Jet ski along the Nakagawa

While cycling just before along the Nakagawa, there were several jet skis and speed boats out.

(Click the image or link below to see the video).


Sun shimmering on the Nakagawa

Late afternoon bike ride along the Nakagawa – right near my house

By the Edogawa, next to the Edogawa Hospital

This is what you see when you get off the bus by the Edogawa Hospital. It’s right next to the Edogawa (Edo River), which is the border between Tokyo and Chiba prefecture.

Today was an especially nice, breezy, comfortable late spring day by the river.


Visited the newly completed Sky Tree today – the tallest self-supporting tower in the world

Spring is really here

I know that spring is really truly here when I can go outside without a jacket or sweater. This is the first day of the year it is that comfortable outside. It’s a Monday, but perfect for hanami.

doug@tired of cold days

Hanami in Shinkoiwa

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