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Lonely fall leaves

This were taken just before, by the river. It has sort of a lonely feeling to it, but the lighting is interesting. You should be able to click on it and see it larger.


Sakura are starting to bloom

I cycled down to the Nakagawa and can confirm that the sakura are, indeed, starting to bloom. Just a very few so far. I believe the prediction is for full bloom about 10 days from now.




Summer solstice sunset in Katsushika

Transit of Venus as seen from Tokyo

Here is the best shot of the Transit of Venus here in Tokyo, live!

Today’s sunset view from my house


Lunar eclipse in Shinkoiwa on Dec 10, 2011

Ken Burns effects and Claire de Lune can help even the worst photographs. 🙂

These images of the lunar eclipse tonight were taken from my 3rd floor veranda, here in Shinkoiwa, Katsushika, Tokyo.


Simultaneous winter solstice, full moon and lunar elipse

This year’s winter solstice, on December 21, will also coincide with a full moon and total lunar eclipse.

This won’t happen again until 2094, so if you don’t want to wait a very long time you should plan on seeing it this year.


Early evening moon over Shinkoiwa


Sun passing behind the sky tree

Taken from my bedroom window on my iPhone.

Sakura falling on to the Kanda River

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