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Mon and Monta this evening

I don’t know why, but sometimes Monta likes hanging out on top of his swing instead of on the perch of his swing. It seems like a very unnatural, uncomfortable place to sit. But he likes it.


Rare shots of Hao and Mon sitting together on my hand (usually Mon is camera shy and Hao doesn’t like Mon that much)

Mon’s unusual egg laying activity

I tried leaving Mon’s eggs in the nest this time to see if it would discourage her from laying eggs each month.

What she has been doing this week, though, is every day she’ll throw an old egg out of her nest and lay a new one, leaving 6 at any time.


Mon mixed up about her eggs

As you all know, Mon has been laying 6 or 7 eggs a month. All duds.

This time I decided to leave the eggs in her nest to see if it stopped her from laying more. About a week ago she starting tossing some, until a few days later she was down to just 4 eggs in her nest. I decided to just leave it be at that and see what happens.

Yesterday and today she laid two more eggs, so now there are 6 again: 4 old, 2 new – and I’m sure all unfertilized because Hao and Mon don’t mate. Though Mon is more than willing I’m sure.


Sometimes Hao will sit on the eggs


Mon is up to 7 eggs again!


Mon started laying eggs again today

It’s just been a few days since I removed Mon’s last batch of 7 unfertilized eggs, and she’s laid another one this morning. She lays eggs more frequently than monthly over the last 6 months.

There doesn’t seem to be anything to do about it. She won’t lay eggs as long as there are 6 or 7 there. But then she’s spending all her time taking care of the eggs, which must be exhausting.

And if I remove the eggs she just lays more.

It doesn’t matter if she’s by herself in her own cage or living with Hao in his cage, or if there is a nest or not, or nesting materials or not. She just lays eggs.


Mon-chan lets me pet her

Hao doesn’t tolerate being petted, but Mon seems ok with it.


Virgin Birth Record Broken by Hotel Shark (

This might be Mon’s only chance of having babies. 

Mon lays a 7th egg again

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