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The “E” word

I’m not a big fan of what the hospital euphemistically calls “cardio rehab” (hint: “exercise”), but I bought a bicycle and have been cycling along a nearby river, the Nakagawa. In fact, I just got back.

I can’t describe how much more fun it is, and how much quicker time goes by than it does on my indoor exercise bike (which is almost as boring as a treadmill).

Today I increased my distance and went on to the “second bridge” which is near Aoto. It really gets green over there. There’s a big sports field, and also a couple of small boat piers.

I actually left my house intending to go shopping, and then go for a bike ride in the late afternoon, when it got a bit cooler. But I found myself drawn to the river.

Also, I am definitely increasing strength. A somewhat daunting hill I had been stopping and walking up I took today with ease.

I can’t believe I’m saying it, but I’m actually looking forward to my cycling trips.


Today’s bicycle route

I cycled along the Nakagawa again today, even though the weather looked threatening. Here is a picture of my route.

It looks like past the first bridge, around the bend, there is a 2nd bridge. So weather permitting I’ll go to the next one tomorrow. Then there are more bridges and a confluence of rivers further on.

I was disappointed to find out that the round trip was just about 3 km. But I’m just starting. I’ll get it up to a more substantial distance as soon as I can!


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