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A new delicacy – Java Sparrow eggs


Mon mixed up about her eggs

As you all know, Mon has been laying 6 or 7 eggs a month. All duds.

This time I decided to leave the eggs in her nest to see if it stopped her from laying more. About a week ago she starting tossing some, until a few days later she was down to just 4 eggs in her nest. I decided to just leave it be at that and see what happens.

Yesterday and today she laid two more eggs, so now there are 6 again: 4 old, 2 new – and I’m sure all unfertilized because Hao and Mon don’t mate. Though Mon is more than willing I’m sure.


Mon is up to 7 eggs again!


Mon started laying eggs again today

It’s just been a few days since I removed Mon’s last batch of 7 unfertilized eggs, and she’s laid another one this morning. She lays eggs more frequently than monthly over the last 6 months.

There doesn’t seem to be anything to do about it. She won’t lay eggs as long as there are 6 or 7 there. But then she’s spending all her time taking care of the eggs, which must be exhausting.

And if I remove the eggs she just lays more.

It doesn’t matter if she’s by herself in her own cage or living with Hao in his cage, or if there is a nest or not, or nesting materials or not. She just lays eggs.


Virgin Birth Record Broken by Hotel Shark (

This might be Mon’s only chance of having babies. 

Mon lays a 7th egg again


Mon has started laying eggs yet again!

I just removed her last unfertilized batch less than a week ago. She’s laying eggs every month now, like clockwork. doug

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