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5 years ago today

It was 5 years ago today. I was at the supermarket and thought I felt a rumbling sensation. I asked the store clerk and he didn’t feel anything. Then shelves started swaying and things started falling down. I left quickly for the exit, encouraging others to leave as well.

Outside I had to hold onto a bicycle rack to stop from falling over. It was clear that this was the largest earthquake I had ever experienced.

People milled around outside for a while, and then the store manager announced they were closed for the rest of the day.

I headed back to my house, where I found neighbours hanging around outside and heard for the first time it was the largest earthquake in Japan’s history, a magnitude 9.

Inside, I found a lot of things had fallen down, including ceiling light fixtures. But mostly everything was OK.

The phones were down, and the trains had totally stopped, but amazingly the Internet kept on running.

After that everybody knows what happened.

It was 2:46 pm today. I’ll never forget it.

An article worth glancing at about “the woman in the blanket” – then and now.

Over 2,000 quakes greater than magnitude 4 since 3/11/11

It was a magnitude 5.9 quake

It was a Richter magnitude 5.9 quake just now, 5- on the Japanese scale of 7 at the epicenter just off Fukushima. Here’s the map. The tsunami warning has been called off.


Threatening, active faults found off Boso

Dual jolt could trigger Tokyo temblor up to magnitude 9Kyodo

Two previously unknown active faults were found off the Boso Peninsula in Chiba Prefecture, with one researcher warning that a jolt in the two faults at the same time could trigger an earthquake of magnitude 8 to 9.

The two faults, one at least 160 km long and the other more than 300 km, were found on the floor of the Pacific Ocean around 100 to 200 km southeast of the southern tip of the peninsula, according to a group of researchers from Hiroshima University, Nagoya University, the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology and other parties.

“The faults have been unmarked and uninvestigated. There is a possibility of strong jolts and tsunami reaching the southern Kanto region (including Tokyo) and the Tokai region (central Honshu). It should be promptly investigated in detail,” said research group member Mitsuhisa Watanabe, a professor at Toyo University.

The group will report its findings at a Thursday meeting of the Association of Japanese Geographers in Tokyo.

The group used a bathymetric chart made by the Japan Coast Guard to analyze the geography of the seafloor in detail. It then estimated the location of the active faults by taking into consideration cliffs formed by earthquakes and other elevated features.

According to Watanabe, the two faults were found near a “triple junction,” a point where the boundaries of two oceanic plates and a continental plate meet.

Both north-south faults run parallel. The longer fault to the east has a cliff with a height of more than 2,000 meters, while the other one has a cliff more than 3,000 meters high formed by earthquakes, indicating the high possibility that both have repeatedly caused big quakes, he said.

North of the two faults is a focal region for the 1677 temblor, which had an estimated magnitude of 8.0, and the magnitude 7.4 quake that hit in 1953. But the faults seem unrelated to the two quakes, which were likely caused by movement of another active fault, Watanabe said, adding the past movements of the two faults remain unknown.

Active faults have previously been seen as having little connection to earthquakes that occur near ocean trenches. But the same group confirmed last year the existence of a 500-km active fault on the ocean floor along the Japan Trench, which is believed to have moved when the massive earthquake and tsunami disaster hit the Tohoku region last March.


Earthquake woke me up )

It was magnitude 5.2, but centered very close to here in southern Saitama. Inland this time. doug

On Mar 16, 2012, at 4:28 AM, Doug Lerner wrote:

> Not even sure what magnitude it was. Going back to sleep. > > doug@4:25 am

Earthquake woke me up )

Not even sure what magnitude it was. Going back to sleep. doug@4:25 am

Here’s the map from the earthquake just before – magnitude 6.1

It was centered in eastern Chiba prefecture – the neighboring prefecture to Tokyo. I live right near the border to Chiba. There it was a 5+ on the Japanese scale of 7. It was also shallow – about 10 km deep.

I don’t think there was any damage though.

But there have been 7 earthquakes so far today with magnitudes:

* 4.4
* 4.8
* 6.9 (this was up north)
* 6.1
* 5.7
* 5.4
* 6.1 (the close-by one just now)


The big earthquake – one year later in my neighborhood

While there were many ceremonies today marking the one year anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake, my neighborhood seemed to be a normal Sunday. I strolled by the neighborhood temple and shrine, but both were closed. Plum blossoms (see photos) were in bloom in front of the temple though, and you can see what a beautiful, blue skies day it is. I then walked on to the supermarket where I was when the earthquake hit. They had memorial signs posted (see photo), but otherwise it was a normal shopping day. I didn’t watch any if the events on TV. doug

One year

It’s already the 10th here. That means tomorrow will be one year since 3/11 – the Great East Japan Earthquake. I will always remember 2:46 pm on that day. doug

First quake of the morning 5 out of 7 on Japan scale

House shook a lot. Magnitude was 5.4.


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