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A beagle who can catch balls


A cute Tao photo I ran across today

I haven’t seen this one for a few years. He’s looking up at me while I’m working, either wanting to play or go outside for a walk. doug


Dog three weeks at sea saved

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Dog three weeks at sea saved

SENDAI (Kyodo) The Japan Coast Guard managed to save a small brown dog Friday from a floating rooftop 1.8 km off Miyagi Prefecture, three weeks after a massive tsunami ravaged the northeast coast.

Safe and sound: Coast guardsmen pat a dog they rescued Friday 1.8 km off the coast of Kesennuma, Miyagi Prefecture, three weeks after the mega-quake and tsunami.   KYODO PHOTO


The canine castaway was spotted by helicopter at around 4 p.m. by a special rescue unit from the 3rd Regional Coast Guard Headquarters, operating out of Yokohama.

The team’s initial rescue attempt failed after the dog, perhaps scared by the hovering helicopter, jumped from the roof over to nearby driftwood.

A rescue boat with three guardsmen was then dispatched and succeeded in catching the pooch an hour later by using rescue stretchers.

The dog, which was wearing a black collar that had no indication of who its owner might be, was fed biscuits and sausages aboard the coast guard vessel and is behaving itself, the coast guard said.

Hachiko’s cause of death finally confirmed

I’ve actually seen the taxidermed Hachiko at the National Science Museum in Ueno.;_ylt=AnQ.PY61czC6WUHhwW.xpc….


The best of Tao

Tao meets Hao

Tao and Hao-chan finally meet, thanks to the miracle of PhotoShop.



One Year Ago

Just now was one year ago that Tao passed away…


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