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さよなら、野良猫ちゃん Goodbye Chako and Purple

As you know, my neighbor and I were secretly taking care of two stray cats under my staircase, Chako and Purple.

From the beginning she said we have to keep it secret from her husband who hates animals.

But today her husband found out and got mad, and then other neighbors scolded her, so to prevent a huge blowup in our tiny enclave in our neighborhood, we had to stop today.

I had told her that if her husband asked why we where sneaking about to tell him we were having an affair. But I guess that didn’t work.

So the cat house is gone now, and I suppose Chako and Purple have moved on to greener pastures.


The problem. And the solution.

The problem is that the other stray is stronger and won’t let Chako eat from the bowl if he-or-she is around:

So here’s the solution: more food and two bowls. But I hate cats! I just feel sorry for Chako, and it’s getting really cold outside.


Chako and another cat

Today there was another cat in addition to Chako. They shared the food. I hope the staircase under my house isn’t turning into stray cat central. doug

Guarding the umbrellas of Shinkoiwa

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