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Hao went shopping but bought more than he could carry

Stray parakeet gives cops his address, is driven home

YOKOHAMA — A male budgerigar, which was missing and later captured at a hotel in Sagamihara, Kanagawa Prefecture, has been safely returned to its owner, after the pet parakeet told police its home address, authorities said Wednesday.

The budgerigar fled from 64-year-old woman’s home in Sagamihara early Sunday morning. The pet bird was later captured at the nearby hotel after it perched on the shoulder of a male guest, according to police.

The bird was turned over to the police, which kept it in a cage.

Late Tuesday night, the budgerigar suddenly began to repeat an address, prompting the police to contact the owner, they said.

“We never thought that we could find the owner in this manner,” a police officer said.


Rare shots of Hao and Mon sitting together on my hand (usually Mon is camera shy and Hao doesn’t like Mon that much)

What does Hao want?

Hao invades my shirt

Hao is adventurous.


Mon’s unusual egg laying activity

I tried leaving Mon’s eggs in the nest this time to see if it would discourage her from laying eggs each month.

What she has been doing this week, though, is every day she’ll throw an old egg out of her nest and lay a new one, leaving 6 at any time.


Cute Hao photo of the day

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