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Mitch McConnell Says Republicans Will Drop Donald Trump ‘Like A Hot Rock’ If He Wins GOP Nomination

From Yahoo Politics, Reuters and the NY Times:

The national GOP committee will essentially concede the election to Hillary if Trump wins the nomination.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has assured Senate candidates running for reelection that they can run ads against Donald Trump even if he wins the GOP nomination for president.

According to the New York Times, senators attending private lunches with the Majority Leader have been advised to take the position that Donald Trump will lose badly in the general election and should prepare themselves for a Hillary Clinton presidency.

Clinton wins Star-Tribune endorsement ahead of Super Tuesday

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton got some good Super Tuesday news on Saturday night: an endorsement by the Minnesota Star-Tribune.

“We believe Clinton is the clear choice over Sanders for heart and head alike. A force on the national landscape for more than 30 years, Clinton has distinguished herself in foreign and domestic policy in ways that make her well-suited to represent the party in November,” the Star-Tribune editorial said.

The endorsement is a blow to Sanders, as Minnesota is a priority target of the roughly dozen contests on Super Tuesday. The editorial said Sanders’ vow to bring a political revolution has not been backed up by specifics on how he would do that.

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