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Happy birthday to me

I wouldn’t mention it except for an interesting numerological point. I was born in ’56 and I’m 56 today. Is there a special name for years like that? If not, let’s create one! When is yours?

Some people experience that year when they are young, and some when they are very old. Somebody born this year would experience it when they are 24 years old.

Oh, and for those who would say I don’t look a day over 55, I am exactly a day over 55.



Comments on: "Happy birthday to me" (2)

  1. David Fisher said:

    First of all, congratulations,

    My birthday is July 17, 1919. I’ll be 93 this July 17,2012. There are 7 more years to 100. But, I would have to bet against myself on the odds!


  2. I’m betting you will still be here. Remember, we already have restaurant reservations for your 100th birthday party.

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