Doug Lerner reports from Tokyo and St. Louis, and points beyond…

It was centered in eastern Chiba prefecture – the neighboring prefecture to Tokyo. I live right near the border to Chiba. There it was a 5+ on the Japanese scale of 7. It was also shallow – about 10 km deep.

I don’t think there was any damage though.

But there have been 7 earthquakes so far today with magnitudes:

* 4.4
* 4.8
* 6.9 (this was up north)
* 6.1
* 5.7
* 5.4
* 6.1 (the close-by one just now)


Comments on: "Here’s the map from the earthquake just before – magnitude 6.1" (2)

  1. yackle01 said:

    Once again I say   COME HOME

  2. Doug Lerner said:

    It’s difficult. I have work, relationships, pets. I can’t really afford an international move, setting up a new place, etc., at the moment.Plus you have a huge nuclear power plant about 30 miles from there!doug

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