Doug Lerner reports from Tokyo and St. Louis, and points beyond…

This last one, about a half hour ago, was very noticeable at my place. But there was no damage here. It was magnitude 5.1 and was the 1,830th earthquake of magnitude 4 or greater since last year’s big quake. The magnitude 5.6 you see on the list from early morning was down in the Naha area.



Comments on: "6 quakes today so far and it’s still just 3:15 pm" (12)

  1. Rich Pearson said:

  2. VanGogh OilPaintings said:

  3. Monica Lexine said:

  4. hermes birkin said:

  5.…Hi DougI thought you might like to read this , but you are probably quite aware of it, thank you for your emails, I really enjoy them, as my son-in-law is Japanese and my grandaughter is half Japaneseand I love your little birds.thank you, regards, arlette alcock  

  6. storagechat said:

  7. Only 6. What is happening to mother nature??

  8. Doug Lerner said:

    Thanks for your note. I did happen to catch that article. The idea of evacuating Tokyo is incomprehensible!doug

  9. Green Allen said:

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