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First quake of the morning 5 out of 7 on Japan scale

House shook a lot. Magnitude was 5.4.


Ended up with 6 quakes today, the last one a magnitude 5.7

The last one on the map, at about 11:30 pm, was a magnitude 5.7 and it was more of a long-ish rolling quake than a violent shake. So that’s 13 quakes in the last two days. No damage, but the increase in seismic activity this week sort of gets to you after a while. This last quake’s epicenter looks very close to Tokyo, and near the epicenter was a level 4 on the Japanese scale of 7.



Four earthquakes so far today

There seems to be a bit of an increase in earthquakes this week. There ended up being 7 yesterday, and there have been 4 today so far of magnitude 4 or greater, three of them being greater than magnitude 5. Two were way down south, but the other two were in the same area as usual lately: Ibaraki, Fukushima, and they could be felt in Tokyo. No damage, just annoying after over 1800 of them.



Last day of February snow

Brr.. The snow is coming down now and my steps are treacherous. But I need to go out in an hour or 2 to run some errands somehow. And I think the cats are waiting for food under the stairs. What a mess.


Because you enjoyed?

On Netflix you can click on “Suggestions” and it will recommend movies “because you enjoyed these other movies.”

Why is it suggesting a PBS documentary on the life of Mark Twain “because I enjoyed” All the President’s Men, The Twilight Zone (Original Series) and Masterpiece Mystery!: Foyle’s War.

Is there a connection I’m missing?


6 quakes today so far and it’s still just 3:15 pm

This last one, about a half hour ago, was very noticeable at my place. But there was no damage here. It was magnitude 5.1 and was the 1,830th earthquake of magnitude 4 or greater since last year’s big quake. The magnitude 5.6 you see on the list from early morning was down in the Naha area.



Nearly 1/4th of Japanese college students missed this elementary school math question – what about you?

The multiple-choice question asked was this:

What can be inferred from a sentence stating that the average height of 100 students is 163.5 cm?

(1) The total height of the 100 students is 16,350 cm.

(2) Students whose height are around 163.5 cm form the largest group among the 100.

(3) The number of students taller or shorter than the average is the same.

What is your answer? And yes, I did get this right.

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