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The passing Kodak moment

The bankruptcy of Kodak leaves one with a sad, nostalgic feeling.

This was taken in 1895. An ad for Kodak.


This is from 1911, over 100 years ago. The woman on the left is holding a Kodak camera.



Comments on: "The passing Kodak moment" (22)

  1. Rich Pearson said:

  2. Child Care said:

  3. supremelydisappointing said:

  4. isbntextbooks said:

  5. They are all so sexy

  6. Doug Lerner said:

    And they’re not even showing their knickers.doug

  7. Barbette Joy Watts said:

  8. “Aww man, I can never remember where I put Instagram”

  9. David Cohen said:

  10. almaraye almaraye said:

  11. isbnsearches said:

  12. cametofindpeace said:

  13. Sonia La Rosa aka Maya Thor said:

  14. asaka nakatani said:

  15. Tami Jackson said:

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