Doug Lerner reports from Tokyo and St. Louis, and points beyond…

It was just a week ago that I removed Mon’s last batch of unfertilized eggs she laid earlier this month. And look what I just found. doug


Comments on: "Unbelievable – more Mon eggs" (6)

  1. Rich Pearson said:

  2. There is considerable difference in the appearance of Tao and Mon. Does that indicate that they are from difference species and are unable to mate successfully? Dave

  3. Doug Lerner said:

    Well, Tao was a dog, and Mon is a Java Sparrow.Just kidding. I know you meant Hao and not Tao. :)They are the same species – just different colorings. Hao is a little bigger and fatter, but otherwise I think close up it is apparent they are the same species.That particular camera angle may make them look different though.doug

  4. One of these days they will hatch and you will be a grandfather. I will be a great uncle or is it a granduncle. Love

  5. Doug Lerner said:

    Either sound good!doug

  6. josephteo said:

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