Doug Lerner reports from Tokyo and St. Louis, and points beyond…

I was playing with Hao and Mon and they stopped dead in their tracks and sort of looked around with a, “What was that?” expression.

It was a short quake. At the epicenter which was further north, it was a 5- on the Japanese scale of 7. No tsunami warning.



Comments on: "Typhoon is past – and as soon as it stopped raining we had a magnitude 5.3 earthquake" (4)

  1. jeanette.wallace said:

    Why are you staying there? I think nature is trying to tell you something about Japan, like maybe it is going to sink into the sea. Also, what are the birds you show photographs of – I mean what kind? They are really beautiful birds.

  2. Doug Lerner said:

    Every time an American friend asks, “Why am I still in Japan after all these years?” I reply, “Because I hate packing.”My birds are java sparrows – sometimes called java finches. You can find them in some U.S. states, but they are illegal in others. I can’t remember if they are legal or illegal in Missouri. They are extremely friendly, curious and very intelligent. Much more intelligent than cats. :)doug

  3. Rain and wind– you need SUN

  4. Doug Lerner said:

    It’s beautifully sunny today, now that the typhoon has passed.doug

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