Doug Lerner reports from Tokyo and St. Louis, and points beyond…

Six months later, this is worth being aware of:

Workers at the Fukushima nuclear plant are still struggling to meet a goal of bringing it to a cold shutdown by early next year.

“We are barely keeping the reactors under control and the situation is still difficult,” Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency spokesman Yoshinori Moriyama said in Tokyo.

Comments on: "Fukushima nuclear power plants still not shut down" (3)

  1. Richard Oman said:

  2. Richard Oman said:

    they initially assessed the accident as Level 4 on the International Nuclear Event Scale (INES) despite the views of other international agencies that it should be higher. Why should we trust them now?

  3. Doug Lerner said:

    Good question. Nobody here trusts them anymore.doug

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