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5 eggs and counting

Mon took a little food and water break and we can see she’s up to 5 eggs now. What percent of the time do viable eggs need to be kept warm? I still think these are not fertilized though. doug



Comments on: "5 eggs and counting" (3)

  1. Doug, Five eggs must be some kind of record. We kept canaries for years and never had any of the females lay more than 2 to sit on and hatch. Is Mon sitting on all 5 to be hatched? You might be surprised what goes on while you are sleeping. ‘dave

  2. Doug Lerner said:

    Mon is sitting on them most of the day. She is out of the cage to play a little now. But yes, she is somehow sitting on all 5 almost the entire day.Dennis told me that the fertilization can take as little as 3 seconds!doug

  3. yackle01 said:

    If the eggs are not fertilized Mon will be disappointed. You will have to cheer her up

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