Doug Lerner reports from Tokyo and St. Louis, and points beyond…

Here is my early take on the GOP 2012 Republican field.

I am just rating the chances of the person beating Obama in the general election, and not at all on whether I agree with them or not:

Romney: poor (huge flip-flopper, insincere, religious prejudice)

Palin: zero (Tina Fey will destroy her)

Bachman: zero (uninformed, loony)

Trump: zero (a buffoon and hypocrite)

Huckabee: so-so (he is not an idiot or loon)

Pawlenty: so-so (also not stupid)

Daniels: poor (hard to imagine excitement)

Gingrich: zero (with history, can’t imagine nomination)

Huntsman: so-so (religion will be issue, but none of the Romney baggage)

Christie: good (a very charismatic speaker)

Jeb Bush: good (but he insists he won’t run – for now)



Comments on: "My early take on the 2012 GOP possible candidates for president" (1)

  1. yackle01 said:

    I agree with your estimation

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