Doug Lerner reports from Tokyo and St. Louis, and points beyond…

It’s easy to amuse him. doug


Comments on: "Hao-chan playing in my shirt" (6)

  1. Hoa-chan is beautiful. How did he react to the earthquake ?

  2. Doug Lerner said:

    Hao and Mon both seemed strange and unsettled the first day, after the magnitude 9.0 quake. And even the 2nd day when there were over 140 aftershocks. They both seem normal  now. Well, as normal as they ever are.doug

  3. Asif Imam said:

    Hao Chan,Such a brilliant chap. Grown up to be such an adorable male. I love Hao more then the Pretty Princess. Somehow he is the one ruling everybody’s heart.

  4. Doug Lerner said:

    While I hate to be discriminatory, Hao-chan is quite smart. He knows his name and comes when I call him. Mon-chan is (I don’t know a way of putting it delicately) rather stupid. :)doug

  5. How do you get his attention? Put birdseed in your shirt pocket? Dave

  6. Doug Lerner said:

    It’s easy to get Hao-chan’s attention. In fact, it’s hard to get him to stop pestering me.doug

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