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Hao snug and comfy on his perch

He looked so content and comfortable I had to share a few shots.

The latest WikiLeaks revelations

My first take on the latest WikiLeaks release: unwise.

If it was just “embarrassing” info I wouldn’t have the same impression. But some of the stuff released is really bad. Like the U.S. was secretly helping attack Al Qaeda forces inside Yemen with Yemen’s cooperation. WikiLeaks has the president of Yemen telling the U.S., “we’ll continue to say they were our bombs.”

Now in whose interest is it to reveal something like that?


No eggs the last 2 days

With no nesting material and no nesting box Mon lays 3 eggs 3 days in a row.

So I think, “ok, she wants to lay eggs” and add nesting material and a comfy nesting box.

The result? No eggs for the last 2 days.

What on earth is going on inside that little brain of hers?


Simultaneous winter solstice, full moon and lunar elipse

This year’s winter solstice, on December 21, will also coincide with a full moon and total lunar eclipse.

This won’t happen again until 2094, so if you don’t want to wait a very long time you should plan on seeing it this year.


Timothy hay

As I posted in the last note, since Mon is laying eggs anyway (3 as of this afternoon), I put in a nesting box. They won’t go near it, so I took off the roof for now to see if that sparks their curiosity.

While at the supermarket, in the pet corner, they didn’t seem to have bird nesting material, but they did have bunched up “timothy rolls” as rabbit foot. I Googled it on my iPhone there at the store and found references saying timothy hay works well for finch nesting material, so I bought a package, broke open the bunch and put it in. Maybe they’ll busy themselves making a nest. We all need hobbies, right?

The timothy hay smells really nice and fresh! And “made in the U.S.A.”.


Would you wash your clothes at this coin laundry?


A little cozy nesting box

Just in case…

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