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The Sound of Hao

From Simon:



Tao meets Hao

Tao and Hao-chan finally meet, thanks to the miracle of PhotoShop.



Hao-chan accompanies Feed the Birds

Hao-chan likes chirping along (a bit) with Julie Andrews during his favorite song, “Feed the Birds.”

Hao-chan watches himself on YouTube on an iPhone

Hao-chan is a very connected Java Sparrow. (Click image to see full-size)


Hao-chan helping out in the computer room


Hao-chan often hangs out with me in the computer room and helps out.  Very often he breaks into song and hops up and down on my hand. It really is very funny, but I’ve never been able to record him doing it. 


On a clear day

View from my bedroom in Katsuhika, Tokyo on the morning and evening of New Year’s Day, 2009. Click to see full size.


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