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Hao-chan rings in the new year

Happy New Year 2008!

Otoshi koshi soba

It’s traditional to eat soba on new year’s eve.



Watching TV with Hao-chan

He has to watch TV sideways because his eyes are on the side of his head.



OK. A bit of an Obama put-down. Forgive me this once.

The biggest problem with Obama has nothing to do with race or experience. His problem is that he doesn’t actually stand for anything at all.

Read his speeches. Listen to what he says. It’s all platitudes. There is no content at all. If I hear one more platitude come out of his mouth I’m going to scream! I feel like the kid in the “Emperor’s New Clothes”. There is nothing there!

At least Hillary Clinton has dedicated her professional life to working out the details of progressive programs. And she has shown she can work across the aisle in New York and the Senate. Look how upstate New York supported her during re-election. So much for “polarizing”.

What more do we want?


A few minutes with Hao-chan

Hao-chan has finished molting and is cute again. 🙂


The Bhutto assassination and presidential politics

There is this interesting analysis about the possible effects of the Bhutto assassination on the primaries in today’s Wall Street Journal:

Assassination Reverberates
Through U.S. Presidential Race
December 28, 2007; Page A10
The assassination of Pakistani opposition leader Benazir Bhutto, dramatizing the violent unpredictability of world events, reverberated through tight races for the U.S. presidential nomination in both parties and potentially gives an edge to candidates boasting of experience over those promising change.

All year, voters have indicated they are weighing the need for seasoned leaders against their desire to shake up Washington. Recent polls had shown a tilt toward change. On the Democratic side, a shift now — just as some voters are making up their minds — could benefit New York Sen. Hillary Clinton, whose campaign since January has promoted her “strength and experience.” And that would come at the expense of chief rival Barack Obama, the freshman Illinois senator who threatens her in both Iowa’s Jan. 3 caucuses and New Hampshire’s first-in-the-nation primary five days later.

Among Republicans, the news played to the strengths of Arizona Sen. John McCain, long identified with national-security issues, just as the onetime front-runner was showing signs of a comeback. It could also boost the flagging candidacy of former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who has parlayed his celebrity as a leader after the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks into a campaign focused on antiterrorism.

I think the analysis is probably correct. Close your eyes, imagine an international crisis and then think – who do you want to be president when the crisis occurs – if you had to choose between Obama, Edwards or Clinton?

I think it is clearly Clinton.

I would actually like to see a Clinton / McCain race in 2008. I think they are both civil colleagues who would campaign, for the most part, on issues.

I imagine them going around the country holding a series of civil debates on policies and issues, not on personalities.


Solutions – not platitudes!

Now that we are in the nomination home-stretch I hope voters are looking at the real-world, practical, effective and positive policy positions and solutions Hillary Clinton proposes.

I hope voters are looking at experience, and at Hillary’s proven ability to work across the political aisle and actually accomplish results.

I hope voters realize how much Hillary Clinton always has been and is one of us.

We need to start solidifying behind Hillary as the Democratic candidate now, and start working towards victory and a new direction in 2008.

Experience. Positive and effective policies. Proven ability to work with people across the political spectrum. (Not just a bunch of platitudes!)

Go Hillary!


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