Doug Lerner reports from Tokyo and St. Louis, and points beyond…

What to do at 2:16 am when jet-lagged? Browser comparisons!

I’ve been feeling that Firefox has been sort of sluggish lately. The latest when looking through Google images this evening and seeing a bunch of them fail to load in that browser.

I usually use Safari 3 as my “second browser” when testing. But decided to do the same image tests in Safari, and was surprised at how quickly the Google pages were loading by comparison.

Safari, in fact, seems to be snappier overall than Firefox.

Hunting around, I found this feature-by-feature comparison review I found interesting:

I had forgotten about that text-field-resizing feature, mentioned in the article. I’m using it even as I post this message. Very useful!

I think I’m going to make Safari 3 my default browser for a while and see how it goes.



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