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Good riddance. Now it’s time to move on getting rid of Bush.

Attorney General Gonzales Quits Amid Accusations (Update1)
By Robert Schmidt and Roger Runningen

Aug. 27 (Bloomberg) — Attorney General Alberto Gonzales resigned after months of accusations that he politicized the U.S. Justice Department and misled Congress over the firing of federal prosecutors and wiretapping of suspected terrorists.

Are you going somewhere?

Hao-chan looks curious about my preparations for my U.K. trip.



Hao-chan helps me get ready

I’m off to London this morning for a week’s business trip. Look who helped me get ready!



Dick Cheney knew

Listen to his words then. He knew what would happen in Iraq!

Tao in Stereo

While organizing zillions of old photos in iLife ’08 I came across a pair of photos I took of Tao back when he was about, oh, two years old. I realized that I had taken two almost from the same view because I was manually taking a stereo pair (easy to do, actually).

I put both together yesterday as a cross-eyed pair, which means you have to cross your eyes to form one, stereoscopic image in the middle. Over 80% of people can do it. Can you see Tao in stereo?



Republicans offer no health care solutions

The Republican candidates all talk about “tax credits” for getting personal health insurance.

I never understood how this would make private health insurance, which would cost like $6,000 – $9,000 a year for comprehensive coverage for a family of four affordable to an average family who can’t make ends meet already.

Also, I haven’t heard any Republican candidate address the elephant in the room – pre-existing conditions. Unless that is part of the overall solution it isn’t a solution at all as far as I can see.

I’m not a dyed-in-the-wool Democrat by any means. But I don’t see how anybody with the slightest interest in solving the health care issue in the U.S. can even consider voting for a Republican.


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